Edited Books

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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

The Impact of the Peacebuilding Architecture in Burundi (with Josiah Marineau, Tracy Dexter, Michael Findley, Stephanie Hofmann, and Daniel Walker). Cedric de Coning and Eli Stammes, eds. UN Peacebuilding Architecture: The First 10 Years. Routledge (2016).

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Policy Briefs

International Peacebuilding Really Can Build Peace—But Perhaps Not How You Expect The Monkey Cage. The Washington Post, 11 December 2018.

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Technology and Peacebuilding: Impact Evaluation and Learning (with Michael Findley and Jennifer Welch). White Paper for Build Peace: Peace Through Technology Conference, MIT Media Lab (2014).

Entry Points for a New Prevention Agenda: Connecting New York, Geneva, and “At Risk” Contexts (with Achim Wennmann and Natasha White). Geneva Peacebuilding Platform Brief No. 8 (2013).

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Research Reports

Improving Beneficiaries’ Feedback on UN Peacebuilding Fund Projects (with Michael Findley and Daniel Norfolk). New York: UN Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO). (2015).

Independent External Evaluation: UN Peacebuilding Fund Project Portfolio in Burundi (2007-2013) (Team Leader with Tracy Dexter, Michael Findley, Stephanie Hofmann, Josiah Marineau, and Daniel Walker). New York: UN Peacebuilding Support Office (2014).

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