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Susanna Campbell
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding (CCDP)
The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID)
PO Box 136 — 1211 Geneva 21
Dr. Susanna Campbell is an international relations scholar focusing  on international security governance and the dynamics of post-war state formation.
Dr. Susanna Campbell is an international relations scholar and political scientist focusing on international security governance and the dynamics of violent state formation.

Academic Publications

  • Working Papers & Manuscripts
  • Books
  • Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
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  • Research Reports
  • Policy Briefs
“Not Built for Peace: Why Informal Accountability Determines International Peacebuilding Success”
Preparing for resubmission to peer-reviewed journal
Global Governance and Local Peace
Book manuscript in preparation for submission to academic press
“Improving Their Standing: How Regional Hegemons Make use of Institutional Design”
(with Barbara Bravo De Moraes Mendes and Stephanie Hofmann)
Revise and Resubmit
“International NGOs and State Capacity: Facilitator or Destroyer?”
(with Matthew DiGiuseppe and Amanda Murdie)
Preparing for submission to peer-reviewed journal
“Below the State: The Micro-dynamics of Aid Allocation During War-to-Peace Transitions”
(with Michael Findley)
Accepted at APSA Annual Convention, San Francisco, 2015
“Governing Globally, Acting Locally: Reforming UN Peacebuilding
Preparing for submission to peer-reviewed journal
“The Micro-Dynamics of Peacebuilding: A Quasi-Experimental Spatial Impact Evaluation in Burundi”
(with Michael Findley)
“Cooperation under Rigidity: International Aid and the Fragile States Agenda”
(with Oliver Westerwinter)
Susanna P. Campbell and Peter S. Uvin
“The Burundi Leadership Training Program”
Michael Lund, ed.
Unofficial Contact: Convening Leaders in Conflict to Build Peace
New York, NY: Columbia University Press, forthcoming 2015 (Peer reviewed)
Susanna P. Campbell and Jenny Peterson
Roger Mac Ginty, ed.
Handbook of Peacebuilding
London: Routledge (2013)
Susanna P. Campbell, David Chandler, and Meera Sabaratnam
“Introduction: The Politics of Liberal Peace”
Susanna Campbell, David Chandler, and Meera Sabaratnam, eds.
A Liberal Peace?: The Problems and Practices of Peacebuilding
London: Zed Books (2011) (Peer reviewed)
Barnett R. Rubin with Susanna P. Campbell
Barnett R. Rubin, ed.
Cases and Strategies for Preventive Action
New York: Twentieth Century Fund/ Council on Foreign Relations (1998), p. 1-21
Susanna P. Campbell and Patrick Meier
Deciding to Prevent Violent Conflict: Early Warning and Decision Making within the United Nations
CIIAN, Ottawa: Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (2006)

Ongoing Research Grants

Aiding Peace?
Donor Behavior in Conflict Affected Countries

Funded by the Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS)

funding raised: $240,000
duration: Jan 2014–Dec 2015
Bad Behavior?
Explaining Performance in International Peacebuilding Organizations

Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

funding raised: $270,000
duration: Nov 2013–Oct 2015
Dr. Campbell has evaluated or conducted research for the following organizations.