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Rule-Breaking Bureaucrats

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In spite of recent attacks on multilateral organizations, they remain important for the pursuit of collective goals that states cannot achieve on their own. Existing literature on multilateral organizations has largely viewed these organizations as hostage to the whims of their member states and, sometimes, their bureaucratic pathologies. From this perspective, individuals within these large global bureaucracies have little power to influence the performance of their organizations. Our research into the behavior and performance of these organizations reveals, however, that rule-breaking and rule-bending bureaucrats can, at times, improve the performance of multilateral organizations. This workshop aims to unpack when and how this rule-breaking or rule-bending behavior may help multilateral organizations achieve their aims, and when it may hinder them, specifically focusing on intervention in fragile and conflict-affected states.

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Breaking Rules to Build Peace

Why do peacebuilders sometimes succeed and sometimes fail, even within the same country? Why can organizations not guarantee the same results from the same policies? Peacebuilders struggle to answer these questions and create programs with consistently positive results. In her newly published book, Global Governance and Local Peace: Accountability and Performance in International Peacebuilding, Susanna Campbell dives into why peacebuilding organizations often fail and presents one of the keys to success: local actors that force organizations to stay accountable to local peacebuilding goals. Join experts as they discuss Campbell’s findings and how country-based staff can sidestep normal accountability procedures and empower local actors to push for innovative solutions to local problems.

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