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Susanna P. Campbell
Assistant Professor
School of International Service
American University
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Strengthening the Unlikely Sources of Peacebuilding Success

Over the past two decades, international peacebuilding has become mainstream and is now part of the repertoire of most United Nations entities, OECD donors, and many INGOs. The liberal international order that is central to many of these peacebuilding efforts has also been the subject of much criticism. As a result, improved peacebuilding success is not likely to result from ‘business as usual’. Instead, we need to identify the unlikely sources of peacebuilding success and strengthen them. Over the course of three workshops, this project will convene key individuals around three of these unlikely sources of peacebuilding success: 1) Rule-Breaking Bureaucrats; 2) Emerging Powers and International Peacebuilding; and 3) Non-violent Peace and Resistance Movements. By convening key actors who have the capacity and will to strengthen emergent peacebuilding capacities, the project hopes to contribute to the future growth of effective peacebuilding.