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Breaking Rules to Build Peace. US Institute of Peace, Washington, DC. View event

Breaking Rules to Build Peace. Social Science Research Council, New York, NY.

Understanding the Local Effect of UN Peace Operations: A Quasi-Experimental Spatial Impact Evaluation in Burundi. Peacebuilding in Conflict and Post-Conflict States Workshop, Howard H. Baker Jr. Canter for Public Policy.

Global Governance and Local Peace: Accountability and Performance in International Peacebuilding. Renmin University of China, Beijing, China, May 11, 2018

Buying Influence: A Survey Experiment on the Logic of Aid Allocation in Conflict-Affected Countries. Department of Government and Politics, University of Maryland.

Contextualizing Aid: A survey experiment of donor aid allocation logic in conflict-affected countries. Peace Science Online Colloquium.

Contextualizing Aid: A survey experiment of donor aid allocation logic in conflict-affected countries. Government and Economics Department, College of William and Mary.

The Matrix of International Organization. International Studies Association, San Francisco, CA.

Book Workshop for Human Rights and Humanitarianism. Book Workshop for Michael Barnett, George Washington University, Washington, DC.


Aiding Peace: Donor Aid Behavior in the DRC, Sudan, South Sudan, and Nepal. FBA Research Workshop: Peacebuilding after Armed Conflict, Bogota, Colombia.

Understanding the Local Effect of UN Peace Operations: A Quasi-Experimental Spatial Impact Evaluation in Burundi. Peace Science, Tempe, Arizona.

Is Prevention the Answer? Stanford University's Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies Event, Washington, DC.

Book Workshop for Power in Peacekeeping. Book Workshop for Lise Morje Howard, Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

The Benefits of Bad Behavior: Global Accountability and Local Performance in International Peacebuilding. Folke Bernadotte Academy, Stockholm, Sweden.

The Benefits of Bad Behavior: Global Accountability and Local Performance in International Peacebuilding. Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University, Sweden.

The Unaccountable Organization: INGO Market-orientation, Independence, and Local Performance. International Studies Association Annual Convention, International Studies Association Annual Convention, Baltimore, MD.


Is Prevention the Answer? Workshop on Civil Wars, Violence, and International Responses, American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Aiding Peace: Donor Aid Behavior in the DRC, Sudan, South Sudan, and Nepal. Southwest Workshop on Mixed Methods Research, Tucson, AZ.

Formal and Informal Accountability: Explaining the Local Performance of Global Governors. Lunchtime Seminar, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF).

Aiding Peace? Donor Behavior in Conflict-Affected Countries. European Political Science Association (EPSA) Annual Meeting, EPSA 2016, Brussels.

Aiding Peace? Donor Behavior in Conflict-Affected Countries. The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva.

Aiding Peace? Donor Behavior in Conflict-Affected Countries. German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), Berlin.

Conference Papers

International Studies Association

2018 San Francisco, CA
The Matrix of International Organization

2017 Baltimore, MD
The Unaccountable Organization: INGO Market-Orientation, Independence, and Local Performance

2016 Atlanta, GA
Contracting Sovereignty: How Weak States Reclaim Their Authority to Govern
Slacking or Succeeding: UN Peacebuilding Performance in Burundi
The Ontology of Peace: Landscapes of Conflict and Cooperation (with Michael Findley and Kyosuke Kikuta)

2014 Toronto, ON
Designed to Fail at Peace: The Micro-Dynamics of Successful Intervention in Civil War
Organizational Barriers to Peace: Why Informal Accountability, Entrepreneurial Leaders, and Organiza􏰁onal Frames Explain Peacebuilding Success

2013 San Francisco, CA
Asymmetric Power and Peace: The State, Society, and International Peacebuilding

2012 San Diego
Organizational Barriers to Peace: Agency and Structure in International Peacebuilding

2010 New Orleans, LA
Organizational Barriers to Peace: International Bureaucratic Routines and Modern State Formation

2009 New York, NY
Organizational Learning for Peace
Muddling Through: In Search of Peacebuilding Success

2008 San Francisco, CA
Peacebuilding Organizations: Explaining the Gap between Intention and Outcome
Integration’s Challenge: Incoherence and (Dis)integration in UN Post-Conflict Intervention

2007 Chicago, IL
Deciding to Prevent Violent Conflict: Early Warning and Decision Making within the United Nations (with Patrick Meier)
Organizational Learning: The Gateway to Peacebuilding Success?

American Political Science Association

2018 Boston, MA
Resisting Shared Sovereignty

2017 San Francisco, CA
Contextualizing Aid: A Survey Experiment of Donor Aid Allocation Logic in Conflict-Affected Countries

2016 Philadelphia, PA
Subnational Violence and Aid: Why Local Conflict May Encourage Local Development

2015 San Francisco, CA
Aiding War or Peace: The Micro-Dynamics of Aid in Nepal, Sudan, and DRC

2014 Washington, DC
International Intervention and Informal Governance

2009 Toronto, ON
Organizational Barriers to Peace? Understanding the Interaction between International Peacebuilding and the Countries It Aims to Influence
Confronting Complexity: How Peacebuilding Organizations Adapt to Dynamic Post-Conflict Environments

European Political Science Association

2016 Brussels, Belgium
Aiding Peace? Donor Behavior in Conflict-Affected Countries

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Policy Talks


Global Governance and Local Peace. Swedish Academy for Peace, Security, and Development, Stockholm, Sweden.

Innovative but Wayward: Understanding Accountability and Performance in International Peacebuilding. The World Bank, Washington, DC.

Operationalizing Sustaining Peace: Reflections on the 2018 Global Peace Index. International Peace Institute, New York, NY.

Keynote Address. SIS Global Leadership Dinner, House of Sweden, Washington, DC.

Consultation with Under-Secretary General of Peacekeeping Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix. United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations, New York, NY.

Expert Workshop on Peacebuilding and Rising Powers. SSRC-AU Workshop, Beijing.

Discussant, Peacebuilding in practice: experience and lessons learned. The Peacebuilding Commission: Purpose, Work, and Opportunity, The International Peace Institute.

Expert Workshop on Non-Violence and Peacebuilding. Beirut, Lebanon.

Conflict Prevention: Problems and Possibilities. Institution-building and Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood, United Nations, NY (October 2017).


Peacebuilding: Innovations in Global Governance. Council on Foreign Relations, Washington, DC.

Alternative Models of Governance Workshop. USAID and Princeton University Workshop, IBM Center for Cognitive Government, Washington, DC.

Expert Roundtable on Conflict Prevention for World Bank & United Nations Report on Development and Conflict Prevention. Brookings Institute, Washington, DC.


Toward a Universal Norm on Support to Conflict-Affected Countries. International sef: Expert Workshop Achieving International Peace and Security: Towards a New Normative Consensus, Berlin.

UN Peacebuilding Architecture and Local Ownership. FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum 2015, Berlin.

Private Briefing for Advisory Group of Experts on the Review of UN Peacebuilding. Organized by the Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), Brussels.

Governing Globally, Acting Locally: Lessons from Burundi for UN Peacebuilding Reform. Pulling Together the UN System in Conflict-Prone States: Problems and Prospects?, Palais des Nations, Geneva.


Measuring Peacebuilding Success and Failure in Burundi. Measuring Peace Consolidation, Wilton Park, West Sussex, UK.

External Evaluation: UN Peacebuilding Fund in Burundi (2007-2013). UN Peacebuilding Contact Group, UN Peacebuilding Fund Advisory Group, and UN Peacebuilding Support Office, New York, NY.


Improving the Functioning of the UN Peacebuilding Architecture. The Peacebuilding Commission’s Engagement and Impact, Greentree Estate Retreat, New York, NY.

Fragile and Conflict-Affected States Funding Instruments and Effective Peacebuilding. Supporting Conflict Response, Peace- and State-building – A Dialogue Series with Conflict- and Fragility-Focused Financing Instruments, United Nations, New York, NY.

Policy talks 2012 and prior.