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American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting Panel Submission Accepted

Beyond the State: The Micro-dynamics of Aid and Conflict


The literature on international aid has been dominated by cross-national time series research, largely failing to examine patterns of aid allocation at the sub-national level. This country-level focus has prevented researchers from understanding how international aid interacts with political conflict and cooperation at the sub-national level, particularly in countries ravaged by civil war. The literature on international peacebuilding has also focused on cross-national research, only recently taking a local turn. This panel aims to bridge the literatures on aid and peacebuilding by examining how international intervention interacts with sub-national political conflict and cooperation. It brings together scholars doing innovative multi-method research on several important questions: How have international donors responded to and influenced the war-to-peace transitions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nepal, Sudan, and South Sudan? How does foreign aid interact with ongoing peace processes? Does foreign aid increase or decrease localized violence during ongoing wars? Can foreign aid have a sustainable impact in war-torn countries, such as Afghanistan? Together, these papers provide an unprecedented comparison of the micro-dynamics of aid and political conflict in countries emerging from civil war.

Foreign Aid and the Intensity of Violent Armed Conflict
Daniel Strandow, Uppsala University; Michael Findley, University of Texas, Austin; Joseph K. Young, American University

Aiding War or Peace: The Micro-dynamics of Aid in Nepal, Sudan, and DRC
Susanna Campbell, The Graduate Institute, Geneva; Michael Findley, University of Texas, Austin

From Success to Sustainability? Insights from Schools in Afghanistan
Dana Burde, New York University; Joel A. Middleton, UC Berkeley; Cyrus Dara Samii, New York University

Effect of Foreign Aid on Implementation of Peace Agreements
Deniz Cil, University of Maryland, College Park; Paul K. Huth, University of Maryland, College Park

Discussant: Burcu Savun, University of Pittsburgh

Discussant: David Backer, University of Maryland

Chair: Burcu Savun, University of Pittsburgh